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Summer Cooling Blanket

Summer Cooling Blanket

Regular price $39.99 USD
Sale price $39.99 USD Regular price $80.00 USD
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❤️ Perfect for Summer

🙌 Stylish Design

💦 Breathable Fabric

Summer Cooling Blanket

Regular price $39.99
Sale price $39.99 Regular price $80.00
SAVE 50% Sold out
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Perfect for Summer!

Don't let the summer heat disrupt your sleep any longer. Experience the cooling comfort of our Blanket Summer Cooling Air Condition Quilt and enjoy a restful night's sleep every night.

  • Breathable Fabric

    Our quilt is crafted from ultra-breathable materials that allow air to circulate freely, preventing heat buildup and promoting ventilation. You'll experience a constant flow of fresh air, keeping you cool and refreshed even on the muggiest of nights.

  • Cooling Comfort

    Our blankets provide unparalleled relief for hot sleepers. Designed with advanced cooling technology, it actively regulates your body temperature throughout the night, ensuring you stay comfortably cool and sweat-free.

  • Healthy Rest

    Bad sleep affects your health. This cooling blanket not only it will help you sleep faster but you will also reduce your anxiety level, stroke risk and depression risk. It will help you rest calmly and enjoy a perfect night.

How Does It Work

This cooling blanket is made of 100% silk which brings a refreshing feeling that you have never experienced before while sleeping. It creates a light cooling sensation, which allows heat to dissipate more effectively. No more AC needed or fan that consumes a lot of electricity.

Say Goodbye To Sweaty Nights

Say goodbye to tossing and turning in search of the cool side of the pillow – with our quilt, every side is the cool side.


Will the summer cooling blanket make me feel cold if I'm not a hot sleeper?

Not at all! Our blanket is designed to provide cooling comfort without making you feel cold or uncomfortable. It's all about maintaining a balanced temperature that's just right for a restful night's sleep.

Can I use the summer cooling blanket with other bedding?

Absolutely! Our blanket is versatile enough to be used on its own during warmer months or layered with additional bedding for extra warmth and coziness in cooler weather. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to incorporate into your existing bedding setup.

Is the summer cooling blanket machine washable?

Yes, our summer cooling blanket is machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply follow the care instructions on the label, and your quilt will come out looking and feeling fresh after each wash.

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